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One of the most exciting trends in pest control is the practice of Integrated Pest Management or IPM.  With IPM we go beyond pest control and address the bigger and more effective issue of pest prevention.  IPM is also more environmentally friendly because it allows us to address home maintenance issues before they lead to infestations that require product treatments.

Prevention and exclusion are important factors in the control of pests that are destructive to property and health.  Most insects seek moisture, safe harborages such as leaf and wood debris, and look for ways to enter our homes through cracks and crevices.  Poor ventilation in crawl space areas can create moisture problems that are conducive to insect problems, as well as mildew and molds!  Ants and other insects often are found in the debris that has accumulated in gutters.  Wood decay caused by moisture and aging is conducive to termite and other insect infestations!

Blanton Exterminating Company now offers the following services that are important in general home maintenance and pest management.


Caulking of Cracks & Crevices

Installation of Vents in
Crawl Areas

Repair of Decayed Wood
and Painting



Gutter Cleaning
And Installation of Gutter Guards

Placement of Moisture Barrier
in Crawl Spaces

Yard Maintenance


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